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Ann Wright, JD Biography

Former Army Reserves Colonel and Former US Deputy Ambassador
Con to the question "Should the United States Continue Its Use of Drone Strikes Abroad?"

“[T]he president of the United States [Barack Obama] is using [drones] as kind of his personal assassination tool.

He has become the prosecutor, the judge, the jury, and the executioner of people around the world, who the United States intelligence agencies have identified as people who are doing something that is against U.S. interests. And we certainly know that our intelligence community is not infallible, and they’ve made lots of mistakes.

We also know for a fact that the drone program kills lots and lots and lots of people who are no threat to the United States…

I would say, as a military officer with 29 years’ experience, and a U.S. diplomat, that we have a weapons system that is causing blowback to the interests of the United States. Using the assassin program is making the United States more insecure rather than secure. That it is harming our national security, not enhancing it. And that we should stop this drone program. And he, as president of the United States, should stop being the sign-off person on this, because, in my opinion, it’s illegal and he could be put up on war crimes charges.”

Interview with Dennis J. Bernstein, “Calling out Drone War as a War Crime,” Consortium News, June 8, 2016

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Peace activist, 2003-present
  • Organizer, Women’s Boats to Gaza, 2016
  • Member, Advisory Board, Veterans for Peace
  • Boat Leader, Gaza Freedom Flotilla, 2015
  • Organizer, US Boat to Gaza, 2011
  • Organizer, Gaza Freedom March, 2009
  • Former Colonel, US Army Reserves
  • Former Deputy Ambassador, US State Department
  • JD, University of Arkansas
  • Master’s degree, National Security Affairs, US Naval War College
  • Twitter handle: @AnnWright46
  • Birth name is Mary Ann Wright
  • Resigned from the Foreign Service on Mar. 19, 2003, stating that the United States invasion of Iraq violated international law
  • Recipient, US State Department Award for Heroism, for helping evacuate people from a civil war in Sierra Leone, 1997
  • Recipient, Montana Peace Seeker Award
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