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Jeremy Scahill Biography

Investigative Journalist and War Correspondent at First Look Media's The Intercept
Con to the question "Should the United States Continue Its Use of Drone Strikes Abroad?"

“I think we should have a tactical discussion [about drones]. Who is actually being killed? We don’t know who we’re killing in these signature strikes in Pakistan and Yemen. So if you don’t know who you’re killing, and you don’t necessarily have actual evidence that they’re involved with terror plots, and you’ve decided to engage in a sort of pre-crime where you preemptively label military-age males in certain regions terrorists and then kill them, that sends a certain message to the world that the United States is acting with impunity and believes it has the right to intervene in sovereign nations and conduct war even without the authority of its own lawmakers.

I’m deeply concerned that the message we’re sending the world is going to cause blowback – that we’re going to get hit as a result of this, and that we lose our moral standing in the world.”

“Drone Strikes and Other Unsavoury Things,”, May 29, 2013

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Investigative Journalist and War Correspondent, The Intercept, First Look Media, Feb. 2014-present
  • National Security Correspondent, The Nation magazine, 2006-2013
  • Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow, The Nation Institute, 2006-2013
  • Freelance journalist, Times of London, Sunday Telegraph, British Broadcasting Corporation, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Socialist Worker, The Indypendent, The Sunday Telegraph, International Socialist Review, Alternet, CounterPunch, Z Magazine, In These Times, and The Progressive, 1997-2013
  • Senior Producer and Correspondent, Democracy Now!, 1997-2010
  • Attended University of Wisconsin
  • Born Oct. 18, 1974 in Chicago, Illinois
  • Recipient, George Polk Book Award, 1998 and 2008
  • Film version of Dirty Wars won Best Cinematography for a US Documentary at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival
  • Appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show, Real Time with Bill Maher, NPR’s Fresh Air, ABC World News, CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, CNN, PBS NewsHour, and Bill Moyers Journal
  • His reporting on the presence of Blackwater in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina sparked a Congressional inquiry and an internal Department of Homeland Security investigation.
  • Twitter handle: @jeremyscahill
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